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Your Vinsanto and Assyrtiko-Athiri 2012 in the making!

Here are the pictures from the grape harvest at the Sigalas Winery in Santorini - I just received them.  

The first batch of pictures shows the harvest of Assyrtiko grapes to make the Assyrtiko-Athiri dry white wine we have on OliveTreeHK.  Paris Sigalas, the owner of Sigalas Winery, is actually in the lower right hand corner of the fourth picture (wearing a dark blue shirt), carefully selecting his Assyrtiko grapes!  Paris, as he has asked me to call him when he came to our wine tasting in May at The Cat Street Gallery, is actually a mathematician by training, and started his winery in 1991 as a hobby!  Within 20 years he has managed to transform it into one of Greece's most successful wine businesses making excellent wines (the Assyrtiko-Athiri 2011 is rated RP90 and the Vinsanto 2004 is rated RP 95).  

The last three photos show the harvest of Aidani grapes which along with Assyrtiko, is used in the Vinsanto we carry.  The grapes that make vinsanto are spread out to dry in the sun, for 7 to 14 days...and there is definitely no shortage of sun ever on Santorini!

You can see how no detail is overlooked at the Sigalas Winery - how grapes are harvested by hand, then washed, then meticulously selected by hand, by the owner himself, to make these two great wines you can now enjoy in Hong Kong.  



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