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Cool Soap 01 - Eucalyptus & lavender


    Cool Soap Essentials are handmade natural olive oil soaps produced with the cold process method. They are all made with fresh, greek extra virgin olive oil, with high levels of polyphenols and vitamins A & E that help improve collagen production and skin elasticity. It is an age-old skin moisturiser. Coconut oil adds cleansing properties as well as a soft and foamy lather, something pure olive oil soaps do not offer.

    Essentials 01 soaps are scented with Lavender & Eucalyptus essential oils. Lavender has a calming effect on the body and the mind, and is also soothing to the skin. Eucalyptus has antibacterial and antifungal qualities, and is ideal for skin care. Its fresh aroma combines beautifully with lavender.

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