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Fennel seeds


    Our fennel has a licorice-sweet, aromatic taste that surprises with its intensity without being bitter. If a recipe calls for one teaspoon, 1/2 will do the job. Its balanced flavor makes it very combinable and equally successful in sweet or savory recipes. Get equipped with a mortar and pestle – it will turn useful for your chili/fennel, pepper/fennel, and almond/fennel mixes. The first two will take pork and oily fish to another level; the third one is great for cookies. To make fennel tea, infuse a teaspoon of seeds at 95C, cover, and steep for 5′. Strain and serve. You can gently crush the seeds before infusing them to enhance the release of essential oils. 

    High-quality fennel contains many valuable compounds such as calcium, flavonoids, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. Great as a digestive and to treat stomach muscle spasms. In fewer words, it makes a palatable herbal tea with great health benefits.

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