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Fish with fragrant black olive sauce


For the fish:

white fish fillets (monkfish, cod, halibut, whatever you have)

lemon zest

sea salt

rosemary leaves

For the sauce:

a large handful of black olives, stoned and roughly chopped

fresh red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped

the yellow leaves of a heart of celery finely chopped

a handful of fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, basil) finely chopped

a garlic clove peeled and finely chopped,

lemon juice

extra virgin olive oil

balsamic vinegar

In a pestle and mortar smash the salt with the lemon zest and the rosemary leaves and rub this all over the fish fillets. Keep in the fridge for an hour.

Mix the ingredients for the sauce except the vinegar. It should have the consistency of coarse salsa. Add the balsamic a little at the time to balance the flavours.

Take the fish out of the fridge, pat dry it with some paper and pan fry it with some olive oil. Serve the fish with the black olive sauce with some mashed potatoes and a simple rocket salad.

Recipe by Jamie Oliver


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